PhD Project ESR1

Computer aided molecular design and simulation of modulators of Tubulin-Tubulin and MAPs-Tubulin interactions.


Dr. Stefano Pieraccini, University of Milan
Prof. Alexandre Varnek, University of Strasbourg (secondment)

Involved Universities

University of Milan
University of Strasbourg

Involved Company

MindTheByte, Barcelona, Spain


Industrial Chemistry (UNIMI) Ecole Doctorale des Sciences Chimiques (UNISTRA)


The aim of the project is the design and modelling of the action mechanism of peptides and molecules targeting either Tubulin-Tubulin or MAPs-Tubulin interactions.


The Early Stage Researcher (ESR) will model with molecular dynamics-based techniques the effects on Tubulin structure and dynamics of different Tubulin binding agents, both peptidic and non peptidic. Then, the ESR will design modified peptides and small molecule ligands in order to tailor their effect on microtubules. Furthermore, Tubulin-MAPs interaction modulators will be also studied. The results obtained from ESR activity will support the work of chemoinformatics and chemical synthesis units operating within the network. The ESR will be enrolled by the University of Milan ( under the supervision of Dr. Stefano Pieraccini and will be awarded a Double Doctorate degree in co-tutelle with the University of Strasbourg (, under the supervision of Prof. Alexandre Varnek. The research will involve secondments to the University of Strasbourg and to the company MindTheByte ( in Barcelona, Spain. The selected candidate will participate in the network’s training activities and work placements in the laboratories of the participating academic and industrial partners.