PhD Project ESR3

Development of small molecules as MTs modulators acting on Tub-Tub interactions.


Prof. Daniele Passarella, University of Milan

Dr. Andrea Prota, University of Basel and Paul Scherrer Institute, Basel (secondment)



LeadXpro, Villigen, Switzerland


Chemistry (UNIMI)
Biochemistry (UBas)


The objective of the project will be the synthesis and the biochemical evaluation of analogs of maytansine, rhizoxine F and epothilone.


The Early Stage researcher (ESR) will synthesize different compounds by functionalization of maytansine, maytansinol and rhizoxins with the aim to introduce a linker bearing a proper anchor point for the obtainment of conjugate compounds that could induce a double interaction with two different binding sites of tubulin. The target molecules will be designed according to the information received from the computational studies (ESR1). The stable obtained compounds will be studied in order to evidence their efficacy as binders of tubulin and modulators of tubulin/tubulin interaction.

The ESR will be enrolled by the University of Milano under the supervision of Prof. Daniele Passarella. A Double Doctorate degree will be awarded in co-tutelle with the University of Basel, under the supervision of Dr. Andrea Prota (Paul Scherrer Institute).

The research will involve secondments to the Paul Scherrer Institute (12 months, co-crystallization studies with the obtained and parent compounds) and LeadXpro (3 months,)

The selected candidate will participate in the network’s training activities and work placements in the laboratories of the participating academic and industrial partners.

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