PhD Project ESR9

Evaluation of the interaction of MAPs and small molecules with Tub and MTs. In cells evaluation.


Dr. Fernando Diaz, Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas and Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo, Madrid, Spain
Prof. Daniele Passarella, University of Milan (secondment)




Science and Technology (UIMP)
Chemistry (UNIMI)


1) Structural characterization of the MAP/drug interaction with Tub and MTs using NMR, Cryo-EM 2) X-ray-crystallography of MAP, Tub complexes 4)  Fiber diffraction of Tub polymers in the presence of MAPs and bifunctional compounds. 5) In cells toxicity evaluation of the compounds


The Early Stage researcher (ESR) will study the binding constants of the ligands and MAPs to Tub and MTs. The research activities will be based on the use of NMR for the mapping of the MAP/drug interaction of bifunctional compounds with the Tub and fiber diffraction to investigate the effects of compounds/MAPs in the Tub polymers. Furthermore the ESR will take care of the study of the effects of the compounds in tumoural cells sensitive and resistant to chemotherapy.
The ESR will be enrolled by the Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas ( under the supervision of dr. Fernando Diaz and Universitad Internacional Menendez Pelayo ( A Double Doctorate degree will be awarded in co-tutelle with the University of Milan (, under the supervision of Prof. Daniele Passarella.
The research will involve secondments to the University of Milan (12 months, Chemical synthesis of small molecules and target-assisted synthesis) and Indena (3 months,
The selected candidate will participate in the network’s training activities and work placements in the laboratories of the participating academic and industrial partners.

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